NDC 3.0 Navigator

A tool for the development of NDCs to be submitted in 2025, to support enhanced ambition and accelerate implementation.

The NDC 3.0 Navigator is an interactive tool that supports the development of NDCs to be submitted in 2025. It helps countries raise ambition and accelerate implementation of the next round of NDCs (NDCs 3.0).

The NDC 3.0 Navigator seeks to support and inspire country NDC teams, their experts, and partners, bringing together knowledge and support in a series of Routes to Ambitious and Implementable NDCs, which:

  • Provide examples of Opportunities to consider when developing NDCs 3.0
  • Highlight some of the Strategies that could enable each Opportunity
  • Identify the connecting Routes and Opportunities
  • Showcase country Case Studies
  • Provide links to further Resources

How To Use the
NDC 3.0 Navigator


About the context for NDCs 3.0 and the NDC 3.0 Navigator


On country needs and priorities for NDC 3.0


The routes and opportunities to ambitious and implementable NDCs 3.0

Support Opportunities

Support is available to countries to apply the learning from the navigator and develop ambitious NDCs 3.0.

Share Additional Resources

Contribute new guidance, tools and strategies to be reflected in the NDC 3.0.

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